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Players are encouraged to print a copy of these rules for future reference. WinToday is a solely owned subsidiary of Conru Interactive. The following rules apply to WinToday.
   1. The Basics Of WinToday
WinToday is a new combination of an instant win and free daily lottery game on the Internet. Players view banners in a small window (CONSOLE) that automatically loads a banner every 30-45 seconds. Randomly, special "WIN" banners specifying a cash or prize appear. For each banner viewed,the player also receives one point.
There are two ways to win cash and prizes. The first is instant win. In this game, when a player sees one of the special "WIN" banners, he or she must click the banner to collect the winnings. The second way to win is the daily drawing. In this game, any player who viewed at least one banner during a day is automatically entered into a pool with the prize being the daily jackpot. A players chances of winning is directly proportiate to the
number of points they collected. That is, the more points collected (i.e., banners viewed), the greater the chance of winning the daily jackpot -

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drawn every night at midnight PST (California Time). The winning player then has 24 hours in which to collect the prize. The winning player will NOT be notified by any means other than by viewing the "YOU WIN THE DAILY JACKPOT" banner in the CONSOLE window. This means that the winning player must check in to see if they won.
The jackpots grow in size for each banner viewed. WinToday will occasionally add to the jackpot as it sees fit in an effort to attract more players and make the game more fun.
No purchase or online access is required. Players are asked to log-in and join for free. Those without online access can mail in their request to play and WinToday will create a surrogate account to enter said player at WinToday.   
   2. Who Can Play WinToday?
 Legal residents, 21 years of age and older, of the 50 United States and other countries except the Province of Quebec, Canada are eligible to play WinToday. However, employees of Conru Interactive, its affiliates and agents, and the immediate family (parents, children, siblings and spouse) of each such employees, together with those with whom such employees live with are not eligible.


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