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Is there any limit to how many ads I can view?
No, but you will only be paid for the viewing of 15,000 ads a month.
Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?
No, there is no limit.
Is there a limit on how much I can make each month?
No, get paid for all ad views within the limits of our rules.
How much do I get paid for every 1000 ad views?
You get paid $.60 for every 1000 ads you watch. Another $.15 for every 1000 ads your direct referrals watch, and another $.05 for every 1000 ads your indirect referrals watch.
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Do you have tips for referring people?
Yes we do. Go to our referral center for help.
Where can I see my stats?
Go to the Account Center. Here you can view your information, see how much money you are making, and change your information.
Where do I download the PayBar?
Go to the download page, to get the PayBar.
If I'm having trouble with the PayBar where can I get help?
Go read our tutorial to get help on the PayBar.
I'm not from the US, can I join?
Yes, you can! We have started paying members outside of the U.S.! For more information, see our Agreement page


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