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What is all about? is a permission-based marketing company. What that means to you is that you will receive a portion of our advertising revenue in exchange for viewing ads on your computer screen. Your privacy will be strictly protected and we will never share any of your personal information with advertisers without your permission.
Are CashFiesta's services available worldwide?
Yes! Individuals of all nationalities are encouraged to apply for membership. All payments will be made by checks in US dollars.
Are there any restrictions?
A few - only one account per person, no spamming, and no tampering with the FiestaBar™ or any other parts of the CashFiesta web site.
Is there a limit on the hours I can use FiestaBar™?
No, currently we have no limit on the hours you can spend online while using the CashFiesta services.
What's the catch?
There is absolutely no catch, no investment, and no fine print. You are not required to buy or sell anything. Just sign up and start earning cash. It's that simple.
What are my potential earnings as a member?
Your potential is absolutely limitless. Refer as many friends as you wish and watch your earnings grow. is currently paying for referrals up to the FIFTH LEVEL.
What are Direct Referrals and Indirect Referrals?
Direct referrals are the people you inform directly and who join Indirect referrals are the people referred by your direct referrals. You will accumulate earnings based on your direct and indirect referrals' earnings up to the fifth level.
How do I get paid? members are paid monthly when their earnings exceed $30. Unpaid amounts of points will be carried over to the following month. All payments will be made by checks in US dollars. You may monitor yours and your referrals' earnings from our Check Account Status page.  
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How will I know how much money I have earned?
At the end of the month we determine the pay rate based on how many hours everyone surfed and our advertising revenues. We then determine the pay rate and send out the checks. You can always check for the current rates in the Members Area of
How will I know how many people I have referred?
You can check your stats and ad points in the Members Area of, select Account Statistics page.
What is your SPAM Policy? strictly prohibits the sending of unsolicited mass e-mails of any kind. We will not tolerate spam and will terminate any member who violates our anti-spam policy. Your account will be closed, your referrals will be lost, and you will forfeit any unpaid monies on your account.
Can I cancel my account?
If you decide you would like to cancel your account you may do so by sending an email to Please be advised that account cancellations are final and you will forfeit your referral network.
Is FiestaBar compatible with Mac OS?
Currently we do not support Mac OS, but are working on a Mac version of the FiestaBar. Check back soon.
Can FiestaBar work if I am using a socks proxy?
The full version of the FiestaBar™ can run through a socks proxy only if you have Internet Explorer installed and have set the socks proxy in its Internet settings. If you don't have IE installed or have not set the socks proxy in your IE's settings you will not be able to run FiestaBar™ through a socks proxy. If you have these two done then you only need to set FiestaBar™ to "Use Default Settings" in Settings/Connection Dialog Window and it will detect and use your socks proxy.
When I dock Fiestabar in the bottom it hides my systray menu. What to do?
Set your toolbar not to be on autohide.
Can I have multiple accounts?
Having multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. If you want to use your account at different places - there is no problem doing it.
I always receive "Cannot establish connection to CashFiesta servers. Please check your internet connection and settings." What to do?
Either your connection is slow or our servers are overloaded.
Why cannot I download fiestabar?
Maybe our site is overloaded in the moment.
How do I move fiestabar up and down?
Just click on the field outside the banners and drag the bar in whatever you want direction.
What to do when fiestaboy goes to sleep?
Move your mouse cursor around fiestabar.
What to do when fiestaboy starts running around the banners?
Click on fiestaboy to resume your session. Fiestaboy sleeping - you are not earning points. If he's taking a siesta, there's no CashFiesta! Fiestaboy walking - you are earning points. Fiestaboy walking around the banners - Click on fiestaboy to resume your session


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