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Commission Junction enables web sites with information and entertainment, called "affiliate content sites," to drive e-commerce revenues from their content.
Turn your content into commerce.
As an affiliate content site, Commission Junction enables you to earn e-commerce revenues by offering instant shopping with individual products, ads and links in and around the content of your web site. Our technology creates a powerful impulse to buy by placing relevant products within information or entertainment that your users are interested in.
Let the revenue stream.
As an affiliate content site, you have two valuable commodities ­ traffic and information. Now, in addition to leveraging your traffic to sell CPM advertising, tap into the power of your content to ignite interest-driven sales. With Commission Junction, every product, ad and link you place creates a revenue stream. And as you add more links, those streams become a river. Commission Junction lets you sell thousands of products right from your site without you having to take payments or fulfill orders. With every click ­ you make money.
Create Buying Opportunities on Your Site.
With Commission Junction, you can choose from millions of products that match your content. Place these images in and around your relevant content or with referrals and recommendations, to pre-sell your audience. Creating commerce on your site has never been so simple. Instead of driving your traffic away to another web site, Commission Junction lets your visitors click directly to a point-of-purchase, buy products almost instantly, and then continue to browse your site. Commission Junction lets affiliate content sites and merchant complement each other by tying content to merchandising opportunities.
We make the Complex Simple.              
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As an affiliate content site of Commission Junction, you can manage and monitor hundreds, or even thousands of merchant partnerships through a single web-based interface – for FREE. Our web-based service delivers everything you need to seamlessly work with multiple merchants, including one interface, one i.d., one password, one contract, one help desk, and one aggregated monthly commission check. You can partner with a merchant using their standard commission rate, or you can negotiate a higher commission rate through the Commission Junction interface.
Your turn-key solution to integrate commerce, content and advertising.
As your e-commerce partner, Commission Junction provides you with an entire suite of unique services and advanced technologies to let you:
   Drive e-commerce revenues from your content.
   Easily manage thousands of merchant partnerships.
   Diversify and maximize your revenue streams.
   Enable millions of businesses and consumers to point, click and purchase on your site as they're interacting with information and entertainment that interests them.
Turn your traffic into income.
Commission Junction is revolutionizing e-commerce on the web with the technology, tools, information, incentives, simplicity, trust and the attention you need to turn your traffic into income. Payment rate - $0.01- 0.25 per click through. You can also make additional income for referring new affiliates to the CJ Network. You will receive $2* for each new affiliate plus 5% of that affiliate's earnings for as long as you both are active in the CJ Network. CJ is free to join, easy to use and makes you money. See the online merchants you can partner with and sign up today to start turning your traffic into income.


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