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What is, and how do I become a member?
UtopiAd is an on-line permission based marketing network. Advertisers pay us to send you advertisements, and UtopiAd pays you for receiving these advertisements. In order to become an UtopiAd member, you must complete our free, instant registration. Once you become a member, you are able to sign-up for any UtopiAd products, and you will earn cash credited to your UtopiAd account for viewing advertisements via the ValueBar, PayMail, or ClickMail. You can also earn dollars credited to your UtopiAd account for referring friends or colleagues or purchasing products and services from UtopiAd Quick Cash affiliates.
How much can I earn?
UtopiAd shares 40% of the advertising revenue it receives with UtopiAd members. Our advertisers pay us to send you ads, and in turn, UtopiAd pays you to receive ads. Now you can be compensated for viewing advertisements, and you will receive advertisements targeted to your specific interests.
Please note that there is no fixed hourly rate for using the ValueBar because UtopiAd sells its advertising space at various different rates. Rest assured that it is in your best interest and ours to try and achieve the highest advertising rates available, and consequently the highest payout rates possible for our members.
For receiving PayMail or ClickMail you will receive a designated amount per e-mail received. That amount will be indicated at the bottom of each PayMail or ClickMail, and the amount will automatically be credited to your UtopiAd account.
How do I get paid?
UtopiAd members are paid quarterly. You must accrue $30.00 in your account balance, and you will receive a check in the mail from UtopiAd. Balances less than $30.00 will be carried forward.
1999-2000 Quarters:
1st Quarter - December 1999 through February 2000        
2nd Quarter - March 2000 through May 2000
3rd Quarter - June 2000 through August 2000
4th Quarter - September 2000 through November 2000

Checks Distribution Schedule:
1st Quarter - March 2000
2nd Quarter - June 2000
3rd Quarter - September 2000
4th Quarter - December 2000
Where can I check my earnings?
Once you register to become a member, you can log in, and view your overall account balance. Your earnings are further broken down by category, detailing how much you have earned for the ValueBar, PayMail, ClickMail, Referrals, and for the Quick Cash affiliate program.
Is there an age requirement?
UtopiAd encourages people of all ages to join. However, we do require members under the age of 18 to fill out a signed parental consent form.
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Are international members permitted to join UtopiAd?
International members are welcome to join UtopiAd. Currently, ValueBars are not available for download by any international members regardless of your country of residence. International members are, however, encouraged to sign-up for other UtopiAd products including: PayMail, and ClickMail, and international members are credited for referrals.
How do international members get paid?
Currently, international members can accrue earnings in their UtopiAd account, and check their account balances. At this time, UtopiAd is not disbursing payments to international members. UtopiAd is searching for an appropriate payment mechanism to compensate international members, and will notify members when this occurs.
What is the ValueBar?
The ValueBar is a dynamic advertising tool that floats above the user’s browser, rotating simultaneous displays of both large and small banner advertisements. New ads will be displayed approximately every 20 seconds. The ValueBar is easily positioned and always remains on the screen even when you travel to different websites. The ValueBar works as long as you are connected to the internet and actively using your mouse. You can turn the ValueBar on or off at your discretion.
UtopiAd shares 40% of the advertising revenue it receives from ads displayed on your ValueBar with you.
What is PayMail?
PayMail is a UtopiAd product that enables members to “opt-in” and receive e-mails based on pre-selected categories of interest. Best of all, your UtopiAd account will be credited for each PayMail you receive.
To sign-up for Pay-Mail, or update your PayMail categories of interest, log-in to your UtopiAd account, and go to the “Product Control Panel” located on My Value Page.
What is ClickMail?
ClickMail is an additional UtopiAd product that enables members to “opt-in” and receive e-mails based on pre-selected categories of interest. Unlike PayMail, however, you must click on the designated hyperlink in the e-mail to receive credit in your UtopiAd account.
To sign-up for ClickMail, log-in to your UtopiAd account, and go to the “Product Control Panel” located on My Value Page.
How do I refer friends or colleagues to UtopiAd?
Give your UtopiAd ID number to friends, family and colleagues. When someone registers and uses your ID number, you are credited with a referral. You may also send out a link to our website with your ID number embedded in it.
You can also e-mail your friends, family and colleagues. UtopiAd has prepared a standard E-mail that members can use to introduce their friends and family to UtopiAd. It can be found on the My Referrals page within the member area.
Please note, UtopiAd does not tolerate SPAM, so be sure to refer to our Anti-Spam Policy and our Member Referral Agreement for answers to any additional questions you may have.
How do I get paid for referring friends or colleagues to UtopiAd?
You also get paid for any ads that your friends see. And when they tell friends, you still get a piece of the action. And so on, up to four generations. With UtopiAd, your earnings potential is multiplied exponentially by the number of people you refer.
How do I place a banner on my website that directs potential members to UtopiAd?
Currently, only members can download banners and put them on their site. Once you have registered, go to the My Referrals page and click on the Banner Download Page. There you will find a number of banners to choose from and the directions on how to place them on your site.
How do I cancel my UtopiAd account?
UtopiAd regrets you are no longer satisfied with our service, you may always cancel your account at anytime. Please be aware that you forfeit any balance remaining in your account when you cancel your account. Log into your account, and go to MyPage to cancel your account.



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